Keith Frohreich

Author, Humorist, Cook and Social Commentator

Keith is the author of two books: Blackberries Are Red When Green and Guy's Guide to Domestic Engineering. He is currently writing blogs, two works of nonfiction and his next novel. Read his latest review from the US Review of Books!


Blackberries Are Red When Green

Over the three years leading up to the murders of 1960, young Kurt Baumann’s world had been rocked by the loss of his dad, his best friend, and his dog, leading him to doubt the existence of God. A year after losing his father, a retired Pullman Porter moves into a small shack across the river from the small Baumann farm. Change colors the air. Kurt now has a new friend who disrupts and enlivened Kurt’s life with tales while lolling the day away bass fishing down the riverbank. In less than a month, two murders traumatize the sleepy village of Adams Creek, Indiana.


Recent Writing


“I am a proud hayseed, reared in a north-central Hoosier village. We eked out a lower-middle class living on a small farm abutting the Eel River. I learned the worth of work while we supported ourselves with a garden, orchard, dairy cows, an annual slaughter, and an occasional bass or catfish. We weren’t poor. We just never had any money.”

- Keith

photography provided by Rich Voorhees